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Selection priorities

There are key factors that influence correct product selection. These can often be grouped as below with some examples of considerations needed:


  • What is the substrate onto which tiles are to be fixed?
  • Is it flat - or does it need levelling/smoothing?


  • Is it indoors or outdoors?
  • Is it a domestic installation - or a public/communal place?
  • Will it be a dry place, or intermittently wet - or regularly wet?

Service conditions

  • What is the tiled area to be used for?
  • Is there a power shower - or total immersion?
  • Will it be subject to movement/vibration and/or heavy trafficking?
  • Are there any special service requirements applicable (EXAMPLES: extra hygiene/ sterile conditions/protection from bacteria/chemical resistance)?

Tile type and size

  • Are tiles porous - or fully-glazed/vitrified?
  • Are they light-coloured/ translucent or natural stone?
  • Is the tile material vulnerable to staining by grouting?
  • Are the tiles subject to water-staining?
  • Are they large format tiles? (Adhesive may take longer to set fully on some substrates).
  • What is the tile weight per m2? (Is the substrate able to carry that weight?)

Guidance on all of these considerations can be found in the BAL professional fixing guides; "product selection" and its companion "sitework guidance" and can be downloaded below.

Product Selection Guide
Product Selection Guide
Sitework Guidance
Sitework Guidance

Further tiling tips are also available in these guides including:

  • Product classifications / Tile types
  • Wall tiling weight guidance
  • Product flexibility
  • Use of admixtures
  • Use of primers

Technical Advice Service

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