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Acousti-bondAcousti-Bond is a new acoustic floor tiling adhesive, which is accepted by NHBC for sound insulation in housing applications, when used as part of a impact sound reduction system.

Recently addressed by changes to Part E of the Building Regulations, sound insulation is a key concern for house builders and the designers of hotels and apartments. Most types of dwelling nowadays contain increasing numbers of noise-producing appliances, while on the other hand the desire for peace and quiet has never been higher.

BAL Acousti-Bond is an elastomeric single-part adhesive which is accepted by NHBC for use with an approved matting system such as Regupol 4515 acoustic matting and an approved flooring adhesive such as Ardex AF200. BAL Acousti-Bond has been developed to achieve excellent adhesion to acoustic matting without adversely affecting the sound reduction performance of the floor. It performs in this way due to its formulation, which contains similar fillers to the materials used in acoustic mattings. These specially selected fillers give improved acoustic properties, compared to conventional tile adhesives, which contain more brittle types of fillers such as sand which can help to transmit sound.

When used as part of a system, BAL Acousti-Bond also provides a lightweight solution, which is particularly desirable when used on suspended flooring.

"This is an excellent new product line from BAL," says David Longwell, Chief Chemist, "which has been the subject of extensive testing and development. The fixer feedback from trials has been excellent, so I'm confident that this will be a popular system, which shows BAL innovation at its strongest and provides a demonstrable end-user benefit."

BAL Acousti-Bond has been the subject of extensive installation trials carried out on recent projects. These include Trinity One Apartments in Leeds and Shoebury Garrison in Southend on Sea, as well as in-house testing at the Building Adhesives Enfield Training Centre. Based on test results from these trials, the NHBC have accepted the use of BAL Acousti-Bond as part of a system to achieve the performance requirements of Part E of the Building Regulations 2000, Resistance to the Passage of Sound.

BAL Acousti-Bond benefits from the standard BAL ten-year guarantee and is fast-setting in use and can be used with any flexible grout, such as BAL Superflex Widejoint Grout. It is available in a 7.5kg bag.

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