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National prize goes to Yorkshire Tile customer

When local tiling customer Simon Webster was picking out his tiles in Yorkshire Tile Company, he did not imagine that his tiling work might be paid for by somebody else. That is exactly what has happened: as the latest lucky winner of the monthly free draw on www.tilerworld.com/abcd, he is receiving back the £750 cost of the project. He was entered automatically into the draw by posting a rating of his tiler’s work onto the site.

Winning the monthly prize was the icing on the cake for Simon, as he was already delighted with the work carried out by Doncaster fixer Neil Roworth. “A first-class job,” was Simon’s description. “Always on time and very clean and tidy.”

Naturally, he gave Neil a positive rating on TilerWorld — and posting that rating was all that Simon had to do for entry to the free draw. “I’m delighted for Simon,” said Neil Roworth. “TilerWorld is a fabulous site, both for the fixer and the customer. Even if you don’t win back the cost of your tiling, you still know that you are dealing with a top-quality tiler.”

The point was emphasised by Yorkshire Tile Company’s Jordan Mawbey, who said: “TilerWorld offers us, as a distributor, a great benefit. We can recommend the service confidently to customers, knowing that they will be able to find a real professional to carry out their tiling.”

Every customer using a rated tiler listed on www.tilerworld.com is encouraged to submit their own rating of their tiler’s work, with the incentive of a free prize draw. Each month, one lucky customer wins the value of their tiling, up to a maximum of £1,000.

The customer rating system is a key reason for www.tilerworld.com‘s impressive growth since its launch at the beginning of the year. It allows a consumer to find a list of professional tilers in their area and compare how each has been rated by previous customers. The consumer can then request up to five tilers to quote for their tiling project. More than 6,000 fixers have already registered with the site, with more joining every day. As well as being able to show customer ratings, each is also able to upload photographs of their work. The site is free to use for both tilers and their customers.

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