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MicrocolourBAL is introducing a unique new grout range which combines colour with the anti-bacterial protection of Microban®.

New BAL Microcolour comprises 12 colours in both Wall and Wide Joint variants and is ideal for use in any installation where contrast or coordination between tiles and grout lines is desirable. The range of colours offered enables designers to achieve strikingly individual aesthetic results, by selecting particular colourways together with the best modern or traditional tile designs.

The addition of Microban® anti-bacterial protection makes the range suitable for use in a range of hygiene-sensitive environments, notably kitchens, bathrooms and washrooms where a combination of creative colour schemes and good hygiene is required.

This new range adds to BAL's existing capabilities in the anti-bacterial area. Its Pro-Hygiene Systems range includes a number of established and successful tile grouts, silicone sealants and cleaners which incorporate Microban® anti-bacterial protection.

As with products in the established range, BAL Microcolour is a premium product which retains its anti-bacterial protection for the life of the product. The use of Microban® inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 99 per cent, improving hygiene and inhibiting the growth of unsightly black mould.

"Tiled surfaces are by their nature more hygienic than most alternatives," explains Kay Porter, Head of Marketing. "However the use of BAL Microcolour will prevent the growth of unhygienic bacteria and unsightly mould in the grout lines, when combined with a rigorous cleaning regime. The colours in the range will enable designers to create striking visual effects, which open up new design possibilities, especially in kitchen and bathroom decoration.

"The launch of BAL Microcolour represents a new and exciting advance in the technological development of anti-microbial grouts, which BAL initiated in 2000 with the launch of the successful Pro-Hygiene Systems range."

In addition to its anti-bacterial properties, BAL Microcolour is also efflorescence-free, which eliminates the problem of surface discolouring, and it has a long shelf-life. It is also fast-setting and water-repellent, which allows more time for the removal of spillages before staining occurs. BAL Microcolour is suitable for use on porcelain tiles and is covered by the standard BAL ten-year guarantee.

All 12 colours are available in a 2.5kg size, packed in a bag in a bucket for tidiness and ease of mixing. Selected colours are also available in 10kg packs.

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