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Tile sealant prevents bacterial mould

Tile sealant prevents bacterial mould

Professional tilers choose BAL Microseal for much more than its high sealing performance and extreme versatility: they know their customers will benefit from its hygiene protection, with a lasting clean finish.

The Microban® antimicrobial formulation contained within BAL Microseal provides continuous protection on all applications. Microban® protection is trusted around the world in hundreds of consumer, industrial and medical products. This unique patented antibacterial protection is renowned for its ability to inhibit the growth of black mould and bacteria, such as Listeria, Salmonella and E-Coli. This vital built-in protection makes BAL Microseal perfect for tile sealing applications ranging from domestic showers and kitchen worktops to hospital areas.

BAL Microseal is ideal for sealing movement joints within most surface types, including ceramic tiling, acrylic, fibreglass, glass and glazing and painted surfaces. It can be used for internal and exterior applications, in both dry and wet environments.

It cures in just 24 hours, per 3 mm thickness, and offers up to 8.8 metres of sealing with a 6 mm x 6 mm bead. Once fully cured, it can withstand temperatures from -50° C to 200° C and is unaffected by weathering, immersion in water or UV radiation.

As with all BAL products, BAL Microseal carries a full 25-year guarantee. It is available in white, grey and champagne colours, supplied in 310 ml tubes from more than 500 authorised distributors nationwide.

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