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Tilers finally gain complete control of setting times

Tilers finally gain complete control of setting times

Tilers will welcome BAL Variset XP, the world’s first floor adhesive to offer infinitely variable setting and working times to suit environmental conditions. It allows fixers to control exactly how soon grouting can begin. A single product can be fast-setting for cold weather, slower to set on hot days or precisely controllable to anywhere in between.

A patent application is pending for BAL Variset XP, which is supplied in two parts: a 20 kg sack of extremely fast-setting adhesive and a one-litre bottle of liquid retarder. When the powder is mixed with water, the amount of retarder added at the same time determines the setting time. This is controllable to anywhere between 10 and 160 minutes, with a corresponding pot life from 5 to 80 minutes.

BAL Variset XP’s major benefit is that more completed tiling is possible within a working day, lowering a project’s labour costs. It also removes the traditional pot life compromise of fast-setting adhesives. There is no need to choose between risking part of a mix having to be discarded before being used or regularly interrupting tiling to mix small batches.

Fixers can use BAL Variset XP throughout, gradually decreasing the amount of retarder added, or start with a rapid-setting product and switch after a couple of hours. The first rows of tiles can be ready to grout before fixing has finished, while the last rows, setting extremely rapidly, will be ready by the time that that fixer gets to them. It can remove the routine need to fix one day and grout the next. On large projects, other trades will no longer be delayed at the start of a morning while fixers grout.

Cold weather delays disappear. With BAL Variset XP, setting can take as little as an hour, even when the ambient temperature is as low as 5° C. Fixers no longer have to wait a day or more for adhesive to set, so grouting can be carried out the same day. Equally, a fixer working in a hot summers day at 30° C can lay their last few rows with BAL Variset XP and grout within minutes, rather than having to return the following day.

BAL Variset XP is ideal for most types of floor tile, including porcelain, and offers excellent bond strength with good flexibility. It can be used on both interior and exterior floors and in dry and wet environments, being highly frost and water-resistant. It is available from more than 500 authorised distributors nationwide and, as with all BAL products, carries a full 25-year guarantee.

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