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Tiling conservatory floors — fast

Tiling conservatory floors — fast

Consumers put a great deal of thought into choosing a conservatory. The once-only investment has to be right: the best design, materials and workmanship. It has to look good, which extends beyond the frame and the glazing. The floor has to be of equal quality and, for most, this means attractive tiling. There is a wealth of choice in tiles to complement and enhance any conservatory.

The wise installer advises customers that there is more to an attractively tiled floor than good tiles. Even the best tiles do not look good if they break, crack, bulge or come away from the floor. They have to be installed correctly.

Once a consumer has made their decision, however, they tend to want swift delivery and this can be an issue. The challenge is that most conservatories are built onto newly laid foundations. The tiles have to be fixed directly onto this new concrete or, commonly, onto a new cement/sand screed laid over it.

According to BS 5385, a new cement/sand screed should be allowed at least three weeks to dry before tiling starts. For new concrete, it recommends at least six weeks of drying. Laying tiles before a screed is completely dry means risking drying shrinkage movement. This can cause lost adhesion, bulging tiles or cracking tiles or grout. For some customers, though, even a few days is too long to wait.

BAL Green Screed Adhesive dramatically reduces necessary screed drying times, making it ideal for tiling onto new screeds against tight deadlines. A tiler using BAL Green Screed Adhesive can avoid weeks of delay. Just one day of drying is needed before tiling onto new cement/sand, saving 20 days. For tiling directly onto new concrete, just seven days of drying are required, a five-week time saving.

BAL Green Screed Adhesive suits most tile types, including porcelain and can be used indoors and outside. It has strong water and frost resistance and is ideal for both dry and wet areas, including swimming pools and showers. As with all BAL products, it carries a full 25-year guarantee and is available nationwide from more than 500 authorised distributors.

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