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Excellence in Manufacturing: BAL wins TTA Award

New BAL grouts: fast, flexible and versatile

Professional tilers will welcome BAL Micromax, the comprehensive new range of fast-setting, flexible wall and floor grouts from the UK market leader. Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for almost every grouting job, indoors and outside and in wet or dry environments, with virtually any size or type of tile.

The capabilities of the new grouts makes product choice simple. With BAL Micromax being suitable for virtually any application, on both walls and floors, a tiler only has to pick a colour from the nineoffered. They do not even need to choose between standard or wide-joint options, as it is designed for use in any width from 2 mm to 20 mm.

BAL Micromax is highly polymer-modified for outstanding flexibility, allowing it to be used on almost any substrate from concrete to plywood overlaid timber floors, including use with underfloor heating. A further benefit is that it sets in just two hours, compared with an average five-hour setting delay for standard products.. As Micromax contains Microban antimicrobial protection it is particularly suitable for bathrooms, wetrooms, domestic kitchens, changing rooms and leisure centres.

Tilers will appreciate BAL Micromax for its consistency in application, good workability and eliminated efflorescence once dry. Their customers will appreciate the superb finish; Micromax will not crack.

BAL Micromax is offered in a range of attractive colours to complement any tiling design: smoke, brilliant white, gunmetal, manila, pebble, chocolate, cocoa, ebony and champagne. It is available from hundreds of distributors nationwide in 2.5 kg and 5 kg poly-bags. As with every product bearing the BAL name, the BAL Micromax range carries a full 25-year guarantee.

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