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Excellence in Manufacturing: BAL wins TTA Award

BAL Environmental Adhesives make a difference for Cool Earth
1 m2 of tiling = 1m2 of protected rainforest

Building Adhesives Limited has become the first manufacturer from the tiling industry to be appointed a Partner of Cool Earth, the pioneering organisation working to protect threatened rainforests. As part of the agreement, Cool Earth receives a donation for every pack sold from BAL’s innovative ‘Go Greener’ range of five Environmental Adhesives, which are all manufactured using recycled content.

David Hackett, Sales and Marketing Director said: “The great thing about being a Partner of Cool Earth is that, literally, it makes a measurable difference every time a fixer uses a product from BAL’s Environmental Adhesives range. For every square metre of tiling laid with one of the six products, a square metre of threatened rainforest is protected. In choosing where best to invest our support, it was a key factor that most of our ‘Go Greener’ investment would go directly to the rainforest. Cool Earth spends less than 10% of its income on administration.”

Cool Earth, which has the backing of both David Attenborough and Lord Stern, works with local rainforest communities to protect rainforest from being cut down. It makes a difference by protecting rainforest in imminent danger of being cleared, in such a way that this then forms a protective blockade for tens of thousands of acres of adjacent forest. It funds a local trust, making the local community the legal custodians of the land, and uses community rangers and satellite imagery to monitor and protect the rainforest 24/7 from illegal activity. It also institutes sustainable employment programmes, and supports schools and clinics, so that indigenous rainforest communities do not suffer from lost logging income.

Matthew Owen, Cool Earth director, said: “After checking the environmental credentials of the five BAL products, we were delighted to welcome BAL as a Partner. Some manufacturers talk about the issues, but BAL is actually doing something positive. Tilers and adhesive specifiers no longer need to wonder about the ‘greenness’ of a product. Now, whenever a BAL Environmental Adhesive is used, it results in a real, demonstrable difference on the ground in Peru.”

The six products in the BAL Environmental Adhesives range are easy to identify. BAL Supercover Rapidset, BAL Supercover Rapidset Flexible in both grey and white versions, BAL Single Part Fastflex in grey, BAL Flex and BAL Acousti-Bond all feature the ‘Go Greener’ logo on their packaging. Tilers can find them all at their local BAL stockist. Full details of the range can be found at www.bal-adhesives.com/gogreener.

Cool Earth believes that the best way to protect rainforest is from the ground up. By working with local people, Cool Earth is halting deforestation by keeping custodian communities intact and ensuring that the forest is always worth more to them standing than it is cleared.

Cool Earth ensures that all donations have the biggest impact possible by focusing solely on rainforest that is in imminent danger and will protect tens of thousands of acres of neighbouring forest. All of its projects are community-led and community-owned. With over 100,000 individuals and businesses from 16 countries behind it, Cool Earth is becoming a key tool in tackling rainforest destruction. Every single minute Cool Earth has been in business, its supporters have saved enough rainforest to prevent 14 tonnes of CO2 emissions being released.

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