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BAL's product range has grown and evolved over forty years of technical development and innovation - creating a portfolio of adhesive and grout products unrivalled in the industry. Ranging from anti-microbial grouts to sound-dampening adhesive, all of our products have been formulated by our own team of specialist chemists.

Preparation - Floor Levelling


solidbase- NEW

thickbase- NEW

rapidbase- NEW

fibrebase - NEW - watch the video!


Preparation - Cement / Render

quickset cement

quickset render

Preparation - Priming

prime APD


bond SBR


Preparation - Waterproofing

WP1 coating

waterproofing kit

waterproof plus kit

Preparation - Uncoupling Systems

rapid-mat - NEW


Preparation - Admixtures

admix AD1

admix GT1

Ready-mixed - Adhesives

green star

blue star

grip plus

white star plus

tile & grout


Cementitious Powders - Adhesives - Polymer Modified

gold star


wall & floor professional


supercover rapidset - Protects the Rainforests in Peru!

Cementitious Powders - Adhesives - Highly Polymer Modified

single part flexible

natural stone

rapidset flexible

max-flex fibre

ptb flexible

green screed

variset XP

supercover rapid flex - Protects the Rainforests in Peru!

stone   tile ptb

rapid-flex fibre plus

rapidset flexible fibre - NEW


Cementitious Powders - Adhesives - Elastomeric

single part fastflex - Protects the Rainforests in Peru!


Cementitious Powders - Grouts

bal grout


wide joint grout

superflex wide joint

pourable flood grout


Antibacterial Cementitious Powders - Grouts


microflex wide joint

micromax2 - NEW

Epoxies - Grouts


floor epoxy


Silicone Sealants

micromax sealant

Temporary Protection

protective sealer

Tile Care Products





To view our range of grout colours please click here


Disclaimer: Every care has been taken to ensure true colour representation though printing limitations can cause colour variation. For an actual colour match ask to see a Grout board/colour swatch.